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Just wondering, what does one feel when one sees something like this?

Is it really worth taking the life of a creature just for its body parts?

Are their lives really that dispensable?

What of the rhino calf? Without its mother, it’s almost guaranteed that it would not live.

The tiger was in the prime of its life. Just one shot was all it took to end its life.

Many are aware that such occurrences still happen despite protective measures taken, but they do not feel it until they’ve seen the brutal realities with their own eyes.

I do not want to promote anger or hate towards these people. Anger will not do anything to help the situation.

All I hope is that people will be more aware about what’s going on and try to comprehend how dangerous a situation we are in right now.

Even if you’re not an animal lover, at least try to respect that animals too have lives of their own, and deserve a share of this planet as much as you and I do.

They are not here FOR us. They are here because they HAVE a RIGHT to do so.