I think it is safe to say that there isn’t anyone who hasn’t heard of the adage “Man’s Best Friend.” But until one has a dog of his own will he really see the truth in this. From the day a dog comes into one’s life, their fates are entwined in a never-breaking bond that extends even beyond death. Or at least, that’s how it is for me. Two years have passed, and I would be exaggerating for me to say that I think about Tania every day. Tania was a Caucasian Ovtcharka and she was 10 years old when we had to put her to sleep. However, recently, I’ve been feeling the slightest tinge of regret that maybe I could have spent just a little more time with her. I have to say that I was not very patient with her when there were strangers around because she did have a very loud bark! I know she’ll be in a better place now and I do hope that she had a happy life with us. Anyways, I thought I’d use this post as a reminder to all those out there with dogs or are planning to get a dog. A dog is more than a pet. With one comes great responsibility. There needs to be a balance of respect and trust that can only be acquired with time, patience, dedication and most importantly, love. Treat one the way you would treat your family member or friend. If this is too much, then hold on from getting one. If you have one, then remember to appreciate all the times you had and the memories you can make. Don’t wait till it’s too late guys. 🙂