About Me

I’m in my final year of undergraduate studies at the University of Warwick. As with many others, my interest in nature started off at a very early age when my parents would get picture books of animals and dinosaurs for me. Unsurprisingly, this interest soon took a more serious turn when I entered university. Studying Economics made me realize how important it was to have a back-up plan just in case something doesn’t work out. What better than to fall back on something that I’ve always had a interest in; nature. Lacking in first-hand experiences to travel around and see wildlife in their natural habitat, I’ve taken up to writing blogs instead. My aim through this is just to spread word around of the more obscure species. Obviously, it won’t be scientific or based on personal experiences. It’s just about letting people know of the existence of them.My biggest goal is to travel to Africa and set up a conservation effort for the African antelopes.

Anyways, I suppose I should add something about me other than my liking for nature 😛 I love music, what kind tends to depend on my mood obviously. There are two people that I constantly listen to though; Nicole Scherzinger and Mariah Carey. Yeah, go ahead and judge! I like to read as well, usually books from the ‘Fantasy’ genre.

Oh and the two biggest loves of my life are my crazy Shih-Tzus. Life would have been so much harder had they not been it in.

Here’s a pic of them!

Yaki Photo-0271


Anyways, hope you’ll enjoy your visit here and like it or hate it, hope you’ll remember what you read here lol!


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