I just want to make my very first post a dedication to those who have supported me in what I enjoy most doing, and that is working with animals. You guys know who you are and it is thanks to your overwhelming encouragement and support that have inspired me to try my hand in blogging. These lines were probably the most powerful ones of all:

“Since we cant understand their language, i.e. animal language,
You will be their voice from now on
Their cries will now be heard!”

So, obrigado!

My blog entries will probably deal with wildlife conservation issues, usually from my point of view. If reading my blogs make you want to do something, then hey, I’m happy to know that I’ve managed to at least help in a certain way, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

So anyways,I sincerely hope that you guys will have a pleasant stay here as well as an informative one!